Multiple Dental Implants

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Multiple Dental Implants Armadale, WA

Dental implants are a means of tooth restoration that offers a long-lasting, natural-looking and durable solution for missing teeth. They are an ideal way to replace one or more missing teeth without affecting the surrounding teeth or denture.

At Prospect Road Dental Surgery in Armadale, we offer dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth that look natural, healthy and strong substitutes to your own natural tooth roots.

Dental implants are one of the most successful and reliable means of restoring a missing tooth. They are a solution that is affordable and offers you an improved smile. And they can be placed at any time in your life, whatever age you are.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

What To Expect During The Multiple Dental Implant Treatment?

As with any dental procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations and understand ahead of time what to expect during the multiple dental implant treatment.


A) The first step in the procedure is the extraction of teeth, which is performed by your oral surgeon. Depending on the patient or the number of teeth being removed, this will be performed under local anesthesia and may involve sedation. In most cases, only a few teeth are removed at one time; but if more than four or five are extracted at once, general anesthesia may be necessary to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

B) Once the teeth are removed, your Armadale dentist will prepare the area for the placement of implants. This involves making sure that the bone is healthy and present in sufficient quantity to secure an implant.

C) After consulting with you regarding what you desire from your multiple dental implant treatment, your dentist will begin placing an impression on your gums. This will be used to create a protective collar around each of the implant posts that will be placed in the next step of this process.

D) Once the drill collar is in place, your dentist will place the post portion of each dental implant in its corresponding recessed hole as determined by the surgery. Your dentist will ensure that each post is placed flat and straight against the bone to ensure a strong connection that will allow for natural movement.

E) After all of the posts have been secured, your dentist will place a flexible band around each one to protect your gums from irritation while you heal. He or she will also insert a temporary tooth in order to protect the posts until the healing process is complete.

F) After a period of time, usually 6 to 12 months, your dentist will remove the temporary tooth and bandages as well as the bone protective collar that covered each post. At that point, the final crowns will be placed on each implant in order to provide a natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth.

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