CBHS Choice Network

The dentists at Prospect Road Dental are part of the trusted group of CBHS providers dedicated to providing outstanding dental care at an affordable cost. You deserve the best, but you don’t need to break the bank.
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Dental Coverage for You and Your Family

CBHS Health is a not-for-profit health fund providing benefits to current and former employees, franchisees, and contractors of the Commonwealth Bank Group (CBA Group). In addition to offering quality dental and optical care to CBHS members, the CBHS Member Choice Group works to reduce or eliminate the Extras Gap for dental treatment.

Prospect Road Dental is in partnership with the CBHS Health Fund, so if you’re a member, you may have no gaps in your dental coverage.

How Does the CBHS Choice Network Work?

You can automatically have your bill deducted from your benefit by presenting your CBHS Health membership card. As a CBHS Choice Network provider, Prospect Road Dental offers bi-annual preventive dental visits (examination, x-rays, photographs, scale & clean, fluoride treatment) at no out-of-pocket expense.

Depending on your level of coverage, you may have to pay out-of-pocket costs. To confirm your specific health insurance coverage, please contact CBHS. Terms and conditions apply.

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