Take advantage of the benefits of HIF health insurance with Prospect Road Dental. Benefits of 50% to 60% are available to HIF Basic and Extras policyholders.
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Save Money on Your Dental Treatments with HIF

The Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) is a not-for-profit, open-access private health insurer. With its origins dating back to 1954, HIF’s primary goal is to help members and dependents lead healthy lives. To meet this goal, they offer their members affordable health insurance coverage and a variety of options for private hospital and extra cover options.

How Does HIF Work?

Before starting your dental treatment, Prospect Road Dental will provide you with a detailed dental estimate, including a list of the items you’ll be billed for and the fees for each item. Then, log in to the HIF Online Member Centre to request a benefit estimate. You can also get an accurate dental benefit estimate over the phone by calling HIF at 1300 134 060.

Limits apply to the number of times you can claim for some treatments. Waiting periods also apply.

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