Clear Aligners in Armadale

Are you thinking about a treatment to get straighter teeth but don’t want people to notice? Prospect Road Dental offers clear aligners to individuals who want to straighten their teeth discreetly.

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Clear Aligners Are Gentle and Effective in Straightening the Teeth

You don’t want to wear metal braces to straighten your teeth for two years.

You’re not alone! A lot of people feel self-conscious about their teeth and don’t want to show their smiles while wearing brackets and archwires. Besides, traditional braces can often feel uncomfortable and unsightly and can take a long time to achieve results.

Clear aligners are the perfect option for those who want straighter teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. They are nearly invisible since they are composed of thermoplastic material designed to achieve the intended results in a gentle manner. They are custom-made trays that must be worn sequentially to assure their effectiveness. However, it cannot be a treatment alternative to all dental alignment issues. Call us on 08 9399 2037 to book an appointment so our skilled dentist could examine and provide you with a treatment plan.

Problems that Clear Aligners Are Good For

Clear aligners are custom-made dental appliances, so they can fit securely over your teeth. If you want a discreet option, this can be a great method for addressing your mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.
It’s a good thing that clear aligners, with their innovative tooth-shifting technique, have been effectively used to address crossbite so that more patients can benefit from this treatment.
Open Bite:
Open bite often results in painful or uncomfortable chewing. It affects both your teeth and proper digestion. People who have an open bite can use clear aligners to move their upper and lower teeth into the right place.
Gaps Between Teeth:
This is often one of the most common orthodontic problems that many people face, which can be unattractive, particularly if it happens on the front two teeth. Fortunately, clear aligners can help with this issue in no time.
Crooked Teeth:
Braces are only used when the teeth are severely misaligned. Clear aligners, on the other hand, may be the best option for you if you only want a little help making your smile appear beautiful.
This dental problem occurs when the bottom teeth are in front of the top teeth. An underbite often leads to deterioration of teeth and trouble with speaking. Clear aligners can gradually realign your bottom teeth and move them back behind the front ones. However, clear aligners may be required to be combined with dental braces for severe underbite cases.
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Prospect Road Dental

At Prospect Road Dental, we understand the importance of oral health to your overall health. Hence, our dental professionals always aim to provide a careful treatment plan to correct your bite issues or crooked teeth using clear aligners. Our dental office has the most up-to-date technology, which allows us to make modern and efficient clear aligners.

one stop shop
One stop shop

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of clear aligners and other orthodontic procedures that may be the perfect treatment option to your bite problems, gaps between teeth, or crooked teeth. In addition, our team of dentists can provide other dental treatments that you can receive under just one roof.

comfortable care
Comfortable care

At Prospect Road Dental, our top priority is to deliver a smooth experience for orthodontic treatment. We make sure you have a pleasant and stress-free dental procedure. If you feel uncomfortable or anxious during the process, we can offer a variety of sedatives to help you calm down.

Affordable dental care

Prospect Road Dental is a preferred provider for major health funds, such as BUPA, Medibank, Health Benefits Fund (HBF), Health Care Fund (HCF), and Health Insurance Fund (HIF). HICAPS allows us to provide quotations for your preferred clear aligners and process claims so you can now receive the treatment you need right away.

convenient location
Convenient location

We are located across the street from Armadale Shopping Centre, near the train station and bus stops. For your convenience, we offer free parking at any time of the day.

What You Need To Know

FAQ About Our Dental Clinic In Armadale

We understand that you may have questions when seeing a new dentist for the first time. If your concern isn’t addressed
below, please feel free to contact our practice. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

Individuals who are willing to comply with treatment and have a mild to moderate misalignment of their teeth or the dental arch are the ideal candidates for clear aligner treatment. You must be cavity-free and free of gum disease to receive clear aligner treatment.

At Prospect Road Dental, we do a thorough examination to see if clear aligners are the best way to solve your problem and if so, what other options are available.

The dentist will examine your teeth and discuss with you your desired new smile. Scans of your teeth will allow them to see their structure and carefully plan the treatment. 

Once your clear aligners are made, your dentist may need to apply a small amount of tooth-coloured material to some teeth. They act as a gripping point for your aligner, allowing it to effortlessly hold and stay in place. They also apply pressure to your teeth to help them straighten.

The treatment involves wearing a series of customised aligners throughout the treatment period. You will also need to visit your dentist to check your progress.

Every smile is unique, so it can be challenging to discuss the actual duration of clear aligners to correct your misaligned teeth. The length of treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months. However, depending on the complexity of your case, it may take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to finish.

Consultation. At your initial appointment at Prospect Road Dental, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for clear aligner treatment. This will be done by a complete dental examination of your teeth and gums, which will include x-rays. If you are a good candidate and have a healthy mouth, the process of making your personalised clear aligners can start.

Scans of your teeth. At your next session, we will use an intra-oral scanner to create 3D scans of your teeth. This enable the creation of precise aligners.

These 3D images will be forwarded to the manufacturer of your preferred brand of aligners, who will develop a personalised treatment plan for you.

Treatment plan. They will show you a digital 3D representation of how your treatment will progress and what the final outcome will be. This way, you can keep track of how your treatment is going.

When both you and your dentist are satisfied with the treatment plan, the manufacturer will begin creating your aligners.

Receiving your clear aligners. The dentist will advise you on how you should wear your aligners. The treatment works by switching to the next sequential aligner once your teeth begin to shift.

Maintain your oral hygiene habits.

Metal brackets and wires easily impede brushing and flossing, causing many people to overlook such good habits while wearing braces. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are completely removable, so you can brush and floss your teeth without having to remove some food debris from between the brackets.

There are no dietary restrictions.

When you have braces, you must carefully consider which foods may cause your wires to bend or brackets to fall out. With aligners, you don’t have to worry about food becoming tangled in any wires or brackets since they are removable. To keep your clear aligners from staining, simply clean your teeth after eating.

Virtually invisible

The most significant advantage of aligners is that they are nearly unnoticeable. Most of our patients wearing aligners appreciate the fact that their friends or coworkers are unaware that they are getting orthodontic treatment.

Less dental appointments

Invisalign treatment is ideal for people with hectic lifestyles because the appointments are much shorter than those required for braces. Traditional metal braces need to be adjusted at each appointment in order for the teeth to move as planned.

It does not matter what kind of dental professional provides patients with clear aligner trays; they are all made in the lab of the aligner brand. The 3D imaging is completed at the dental or orthodontic practice and sent to the company for processing. Along with the trays, the brand’s team builds a personalised treatment plan for the patient.

When a dentist wants to give clear aligners to their patients, they must first become a certified provider of the brand. This means they will receive training about the product and how to provide it to their patients. Throughout treatment, the provider will see patients for checkups. Their training helps them assess the patient’s progress and identify any issues that may arise when the teeth move.

The estimated cost of clear aligners in Australia varies by state, but for a complete 18-24 month treatment period, clear aligner treatments can range from $6,000 to $9,500.

Always rinse them. When you wear clear aligners, you must always remove them before eating. Once removed, make sure to rinse them right away. It’s advisable not to delay the rinsing process, so you will not forget.

Warm water only. When exposed to severe temperatures, plastics expand and contract. When you clean or rinse your removable aligners, avoid using either hot or freezing-cold water. Instead, we suggest using lukewarm or room temperature water.

Clean your teeth before wearing your aligners. There are bacteria that live in our mouths. As a result, brushing and flossing your teeth before putting on your clear aligners is important. It will help you avoid dental problems caused by poor oral hygiene and keep your mouth clean for a longer time.

Avoid using toothpaste. Toothpaste is harsh on plastics, so it could harm your aligners. They may appear to be a quick and simple way to clean your aligners, but there are better solutions. For fast mouth cleaning, our dentist can offer a safe option.

Avoid coloured drinks. Coloured drinks can quickly stain your invisible aligners due to the pigment in the ingredients, so it’s best to avoid them.