With Openpay, Prospect Road Dental offers convenient monthly payment plans for your dental care. Pay for dental care over time with no hidden fees.
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Get the Dental Treatment You Need, When You Need It with Openpay

Openpay is an interest-free payment option that lets you spread your dental treatment payments over 2 to 24 months. Openpay’s flexible payment plans allow you to pay for your treatment at Prospect Road Dental without worrying about hidden fees or high-interest rates. If you wish, you can even pay it back early!

How Does Openpay Work?

Openpay allows you to pay for your entire dental treatment using an interest-free payment plan. It can also be used to cover a gap payment. You may be charged a Plan Creation Fee and a Plan Management Fee depending on your Openpay Plan.

The application is simple and quick:
Step 1: Contact Prospect Road Dental to make an appointment.
Step 2: Discuss the Openpay payment plan with your dentist during your consultation.
Step 3: Fill out all of the required information. After that, we’ll run a quick credit check.
Step 4: You will only need to pay a 20% deposit after approval.
Step 5: You are now ready to begin your dental treatment.

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