Prospect Road Dental Payment Options

At Prospect Road Dental, we’re committed to making your dream smile affordable. That’s why we offer no-interest, flexible payment plans that let you pay for your treatment in affordable monthly instalments.

Preferred Providers:


Bupa is a multinational healthcare company focused on enhancing the quality of life for Australians. As a Bupa member, you may get free general dental care at Prospect Road Dental. We’re part of the Members First Platinum network, which means we provide high-quality treatments to qualified members.


CBHS Health is a not-for-profit health fund dedicated to providing benefits to Commonwealth Bank Group members. Member Choice Group aims to reduce or eliminate the Extras Gap for dental care treatment. At Prospect Road Dental, CBHS members may have no extra gaps in their dental coverage.


Dental services for HBF members are offered at a discounted price or at a reduced cost based on an agreement with Prospect Road Dental. Preventive dental procedures such as routine checkups, scale and cleanings, and fluoride treatments are covered for up to 100%.


HCF is a not-for-profit health fund dedicated to assisting Australians in improving their health and getting the most out of the healthcare system. It was launched to lower and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for its members. At Prospect Road Dental, we offer high-quality extras coverage at a reasonable cost thanks to HCF More for Teeth.


The Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) is a not-for-profit, open-access private health insurer. The HIF’s main goal is to assist members and dependents in living healthy lives. To accomplish this, they provide affordable health insurance to their members and a variety of private hospitals and extra coverage options.


Medibank is a healthcare provider that offers both private insurance and health-related services. Prospect Road Dental is a Members’ Choice Advantage dental practice. Each year, members who have had extra cover for at least two months can get 100% reimbursement on up to two dental check-ups.

Government Scheme:

Metropolitan Patient Dental Subsidy Scheme

The MPDSS is a public dental waiting list subsidy program that provides non-urgent general dental treatment to persons who qualify. DHS has teamed with participating private dental offices to make this possible. Dental care should be both affordable and accessible to everyone, which is why we have the MPDSS at Prospect Road Dental.

DVA Card Holders

DVA may cover your dental care if you go to an approved dental practitioner. All dental treatments necessary to fulfil a clinical need for Veteran Gold Cardholders will be funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). Dental treatment may only be given in relation to your accepted impairments for Veteran White Cardholders. Some dental services that are more expensive are subject to a cap on coverage.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Many children could not have regular dental checkups. Preventative dental treatment might be pricey, therefore it is out of reach for many families. CDBS is recognized by Prospect Road Dental as dental financial assistance. With our extensive selection of treatment choices, we will fulfill all of your child’s dental requirements.

Payment Plans:

Open Pay

Openpay is an interest-free payment plan that can help you pay for your dental treatment over a 2–24 month period. There are no hidden fees or high-interest rates to worry about when you use Openpay to pay for your dental care at Prospect Road Dental. You also have the option of paying it back early if you so choose.