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Enjoy flexibility with Fund My Dental, a trusted option for managing dental care financing. Take advantage of affordable payment plans that make oral health a priority without breaking the bank.
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Enjoy Quality Dental Care Without the Financial Stress with Fund My Dental

Managing dental care financing has never been easier with Fund My Dental, a service offering patients the advantage of flexible, interest-free payment plans. This option allows patients to receive necessary dental treatments without the burden of full upfront payments. This partnership makes quality treatments accessible and affordable.

How Does Fund My Dental Works

Fund My Dental simplifies dental care financing through two flexible, interest-free payment plans, allowing patients to spread costs over time.

Choose among the two featured payment plans:

  • $39 Plan: Access up to $1,000 of dental treatments with weekly debits and a one-time establishment fee, both priced at $39.
  • $79 Plan: Receive up to $2,000 of dental treatments with a weekly debit of $79 and a one-time establishment fee of $129.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Visit the website.
  • Submit details for registration.
  • Get approval for up to $1000 or $2000 of dental treatment, with a six-month, interest-free repayment period.
  • Start your dental treatment.

Start your application today and take the first step towards affordable dental care at Prospect Road Dental Surgery Armadale.

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