HCF More for Teeth

Get a full refund on common diagnostic and preventive services! Prospect Road Dental, together with HCF, makes it simple and affordable to keep your smile healthy.
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High-quality Dental Care at an Affordable Price

HCF is a not-for-profit health fund dedicated to helping Australians live healthier lives and get the most out of the healthcare system. In 2012, HCF launched the “More for Teeth” program, an initiative designed to reduce and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for its members. With HCF More for Teeth, we provide high-quality extras coverage at an affordable price at Prospect Road Dental.

How Does HCF More for Teeth Work?

If you meet your annual limits and any waiting periods, you can get 100% back on a range of diagnostic and preventive services at Prospect Road Dental. These procedures include:

  • One or two check-ups per calendar year
  • Scale and clean
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Two mouthguards
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